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At 99Byte, we are not only a software company, but also a solution partner.

Creating tangible value for our customers is the most important feature that distinguishes us from our competitors. The sensitivity we show to details and quality is unrivaled in the industry.

99Byte is an innovative, dynamic and professional software company founded in 2017. It offers special and high-quality solutions to its customers in areas such as web development, mobile application development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and game development.

99Byte follows the latest technologies and trends in the industry and works to meet the needs of its customers.

99Byte team consists of nearly 50 talented and passionate software developers. Team members constantly improve themselves and acquire new skills. The team communicates closely with the customers and manages the projects from start to finish.

Our vision as 99Byte is to be a leader and pioneer company in the software industry and to constantly improve and renew ourselves to provide the best service to our customers. We work passionately to produce software solutions that make our customers’ work easier, increase their productivity and provide them with a competitive advantage.

Your Reliable Partner in Software Solutions

99Byte has served customers from different sectors and sizes to date. The company’s customers include companies operating in areas such as e-commerce, health, education, finance, media, gaming.

Expertise that Meets the Needs of Sectors in Software

At 99Byte, we are not only a software company, but also a solution partner. We understand the business of our customers, identify their needs and offer them customized solutions. We serve customers from various sectors and sizes, improve their business processes, increase their efficiency and provide them with a competitive advantage.

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