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We have worked with more than 150 customers on more than 200 projects

99byte is a software company that delivers a wide range of software projects in areas such as web, mobile, desktop, cloud, artificial intelligence, data analysis, gaming, blockchain and IoT. 99byte also offers services such as consulting, design, testing, maintenance and support to its customers.

Innovative, functional and high-quality software solutions

99byte works in accordance with quality standards to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, delivers its projects on time and within budget, maintains open and transparent communication and values and evaluates its customers’ feedback.

An Expert and Experienced Team

99byte has a staff of the most talented, experienced and passionate software developers in the industry. 99byte team is composed of professionals who constantly improve themselves, are eager to learn, can collaborate and produce creative solutions. 99byte team is a partner who shares the vision of its customers and works for their success.

Our Main Solutions​

Whether you are starting a new business or want to grow your existing one, we offer you customized and high-quality software solutions. Since 2017, we have been developing software that makes our customers’ work easier, increases their productivity and gives them a competitive edge using the latest technologies in the industry.

Custom Software Development​

Create custom software with new technologies tailored to your needs.

Mobile Applications​

Create high-performance, scalable and secure mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

AI and Data Science​

Use leading artificial intelligence, machine learning and data engineering technologies to create value in your business.

Data Management and Security​

Store, analyze, share and protect your data effectively. Increase the value, security and availability of your data.

SaaS Application Development​

Get a secure, fast and user-friendly software. Reduce costs, increase revenue, boost satisfaction.

IT Management​

Manage your IT infrastructure and services professionally. Improve your IT performance, efficiency and quality.

We help you identify your needs.​

Request a meeting from our expert team to determine the software solutions that will increase the profitability and efficiency of your business. Let us offer you the best solution.

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